An In-depth Overview Of Recognising Core Factors In Shopping Sites

“In fact, that actually has a lot of drawbacks.” Looking at Amazon, the two agreed there might be a niche for them with the online giant. “Amazon’s platform is genius,” Seferian said. “And, of course, they already carry clothing lines. But we both felt we could bring something a little different to the table.” The two friends launched Mandy + Ally, an online retailer of women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts, on Amazon Prime. Two years later, the young enterprise is thriving and the pair has added a separate Mandy + Ally website. “For one thing, it took us a while to get to know the Amazon buyer,” O’Dell said. “Our typical customer is Southern, coastal. We also sell a lot in Texas and California and all the way up the East Coast to New York.” And selling on Amazon is extremely competitive, Seferian said. “But we didn’t go from 50-something stores to more than 400 at Citi without knowing how to be competitive,” she said. “We were already used to swimming with sharks.” Perhaps the biggest adjustment was going from multi-million dollar buying budgets to buying in lots as small as a dozen, O’Dell said. But both agreed the experience they brought from Citi Trends was invaluable.

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