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This is a handy little item to help keep your machine foot pedal from running away from you. What you will need: One piece of rug gripper, 6.5" by 10". Use two pieces if your rug gripper is flimsy. (1) 2.5" by WOF (width of fabric) piece of fabric for the binding (1) 4" by 8" piece of fabric to make the pillow some kind of stuffing for your pillow (optional, but recommended) a walking foot for your machine to use when sewing on the binding You should probably measure your foot pedal before cutting your rug gripper. My foot pedal measures about 4.5" by 7.5". I added about 2" to the width and 2.5" to the length to arrive at the size 6.5" by 10". If your foot pedal is significantly different in size to mine, make the necessary measurement adjustments. All seam allowances are 1/4" Fold the 4" by 8" piece of fabric in half lengthwise and sew the long side seam. Roll this so that the sewn seam is at the center and press the seam open. Sew one of the open short sides shut. Turn this right side out.

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