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Last April, the Hammers left their home state of Nebraska and embarked on a week-long Amazon River cruise aboard the Amazon Stara 15-cabin eco-tour boat "custom-designed" by International Expeditions, an Alabama-based company and subsidiary of TUI Group. On the first night of the cruise, the Hammers were trapped inside their burning cabin for more than twenty minutes before the crew extracted Larry Hammer from the room. He had already died. The crew wasted another six minutes before pulling out Christy Hammer who clung to a heartbeat but died hours later. Prior to the Hammers' deaths, International Expeditions claimed that it followed and even exceeded various safety regulations, and that it designed, built, and owned the Amazon Star. Now it denies these claims. As The Wall Street Journal reports, lawyers for International Expeditions have told the family that the company is protected by the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA), a U.S. federal law that limits liability for deaths at sea in certain circumstances. The family's lawyer, Brett Rivkind, responds: "We are confident that DOHSA does not apply given the egregious facts and circumstances of this case.

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