Project Wing, A Unit Of Alphabet, Which Also Owns Google, Experimented With Dropping Off Burritos To Students And Other Test Subjects Last September At Virginia Tech In Blacksburg, Va.

The drone landed with the help of a target placed on the ground to guide the crafts sensors to a safe touchdown zone. Drones could play a key role in helping Amazon manage costs while quickly delivering online orders. The company has expanded its Prime Now service, which delivers tens of thousands of products commonly found in convenience and drug stores in as little as an hour, to combine the ease of online shopping with the instant gratification of getting goods at a store. Amazons proposed use of drones may drive down the cost to deliver small packages crosstown to as little as $1, a fraction of existing same-day delivery options, according to a 2015 study by New York-based ARK Invest that tried to quantify the savings from the use of drones compared with delivery trucks and couriers. In the U.S., Amazon faces competition from startups like Flirtey, which in July made its own household delivery via drone from a 7-Eleven store in Reno, Nev. Flirtey co-founder and CEO Matt Sweeny envisions customers paying a fee of about $10 for the convenience of quick drone delivery, and is experimenting with the convenience store chain on delivering over-the-counter medication, which could appeal to parents of sick children. Project Wing, a unit of Alphabet, which also owns Google, experimented with dropping off burritos to students and other test subjects last September at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. All these tests were effectively simulations of how deliveries would work and not the fully automated robotic flights the companies hope will eventually become routine. While routine commercial drones flights have been approved in the U.S., theyre not allowed over people and must stay within sight of an operator on the ground.

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Trump has also selected a handful of congressional lawmakers for other top jobs. But Trump is said to have been particularly intrigued by the prospect of breaking the mold with his choice for secretary of state, one of the most powerful and prominent positions and one that often goes to a diplomatic veteran. Tillerson came to his attention several years ago when he beat back a motion supported by the Rockefellers Exxon's founding family that would have split the chairman and chief executive position into two different jobs. The president-elect was drawn to Tillerson's confidence and Texas swagger, according to people with knowledge of the decision. "Rex Tillerson is a very Trumpian-inspired pick because it's somebody who, like Donald Trump, has a career affordable flights cheapest flights to miami from houston hobby to los angeles outside of politics, and he's somebody who is accustomed to making big deals and translating that into big impact," said Kellyanne Conway, Trump's senior advisers. But for some longtime foreign policy hands, Tillerson is an uncomfortable fit. "Rex Tillerson has done a fantastic job for Exxon Mobil shareholders," said Michael McFaul, Obama's former ambassador to Russia. "I am not sure those same skills qualify him to be secretary of state." A native of Wichita Falls, Texas, Tillerson came to Exxon Mobil Corp. as a production engineer straight out of the University of Texas in 1975 and never left.

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