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Jo Cox The plaque will feature a coat of arms that her children Cuillin, six and Lejla, four, helped create. The design features the motto "More in Common", inspired by Mrs Cox's maiden Commons speech in 2015. Mrs Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was murdered outside her constituency office in Birstall, West Yorkshire, by Thomas Mair in June 2016. The plaque design will include representations of her support for women in politics and the Cox family's love of the water and mountains. It is due to be unveiled on 20 May as part of a "family day" in Parliament, when MPs and staff will be invited to bring their children into the Commons chamber. Speaker John Bercow will answer questions from children and then host a party - the first of the "Great Get Together" events the Jo Cox Foundation is backing to mark the anniversary of her death. Mr Bercow said: "Jo Cox was recognised, both inside the House and by all who had the privilege to know her, for her empathy, conviction and her passion for what she believed in. "It will be an honour to host the first of the Great Get Togethers in her memory. Jo's life and legacy will not be forgotten." Plans to host thousands of street parties across the UK under the banner The Great Get Together were revealed in February by Mrs Cox's widower Brendan. Events will be held from 16-18 June, with members of the public encouraged to host gatherings such as street parties, picnics and coffee mornings.

Online orders picked up in store already qualify for no shipping charges since the retailer saves on shipping fees. The latest discounts come on top of that. For example, a Vizio 70-inch 4K Ultra HD television priced at $1,698 for store pick up will qualify for an additional discount of $50. Marc Lore, head of Wal-Mart's e-commerce operations, told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday he expects the move to boost transactions online and improve customer traffic in stores. "This is a very material change in the value proposition we are offering customers," he said. Lore said Wal-Mart is able to offer these discounts as it is able to eliminate delivery costs by leveraging its fleet of more than 6,700 trucks to deliver products from warehouses to stores. The decision to offer these discounts is the latest move by Lore to revamp an existing e-commerce offering from Wal-Mart. The change is expected to improve the retailer's competitive advantage by making its 4,700 U.S. stores more relevant to shoppers in a digital age, analysts said. Lore has been at the forefront of bold moves Wal-Mart has undertaken to challenge Amazon since he took charge of the retailer's struggling online business in August, after Wal-Mart acquired, a company Lore founded, for over $3 billion. Since then he has acquired three online retailers, shuffled Wal-Mart's e-commerce decks and made two-day shipping free on all online orders over $35, without any membership fees, to compete with Amazon's popular Prime shipping program.

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