Questions To Ask On Rudimentary Tactics For Shopping Sites

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They have the most au courant accessories, the trendiest tops, and just about everything in between — from beauty goodies to workout wear to PJs. What's more, their pieces are high quality and most of it won't hurt your wallet. Our own affinity aside, though, we're not the only ones with a serious ASOS obsession, and thanks to SEMrush , an Internet marketing firm, we now have the data to prove it. The data-crunching company collected traffic data, including direct-to-site, referral, search, and social on a slew of e-commerce sites — from Urban Outfitters to H&M and many more — and guess what? ASOS came out on top. But what exactly landed them in the number one spot? According to the data, a lot of has to do with social media, as it's a major way to drive traffic straight to the site. ASOS has a whopping 6.1 million Instagram followers , posts frequently, and works with influencers often to gain even more engagement. So, needless to say, it definitely does make sense why they'd cash in at number one. Authors of the report told WWD that research "shows that social media channels can be useful for [fashion apparel] retailers. In fashion marketing, using different channels allows brands to connect with niche audiences and diverse demographics." There you go: another truth.

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