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The reportfound that 45 percent of the worlds countries could be considered Free. In comparison, 30 percent were rated as Partly Free, and 25 percent Not Free. Perhaps moreworryingly, 67 countries suffered declines in political rights and civil libertieslast year. In years past, those declines were largely confinedto countries with autocratic leaders or dictators. However, the report claims in 2016, it was established democracies countries rated Free in the reports ranking system that dominated the list of countries suffering setbacks. View photos Courtesy of Freedom House More One of the notable nations singled out for scorn in the report was Russia . The Eurasian nationsaw its Freedom Score decline following its 2016 legislative elections which gave President Vladimir Putins United Russia party a supermajority in the countrys lower house. Additionally, the report decries that Russia, in stunning displays of hubris and hostility, interfered in the political processes of the United States and other democracies, escalated its military support for the Assad dictatorship in Syria, and solidified its illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory. View photos Largest 10-Year Score Declines (Courtesy of Freedom House) More While the United States was rated as Free, the reportalso named it a country to watch after a series of destabilizing events. In particular, the group claims the election of Donald Trump,a mercurial figure with unconventional views on foreign policy and other matters, raised questions about the countrys future role in the world. View photos The election of Donald Trump has raised questions about the United States future role in the world. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) More Syria claimed the dubious title of least free nation in the world, with an aggregate Freedom Score of -1.